Tip 1 - Como Lake is situated in the very North of Italy, close to the border between Italy and Swiss. Here's a map.
   Tip 2 - Lake of Como is also known as Lario, and its shape forms the so called "Larian triangle".
   Tip 3 - Como Lake has the typical shape of an inversed Y, one branch pointing North and the two others pointing towards Como (Wast) and Lecco (East).
   Tip 4 - Differently from all the other glacial lakes of Northern Italy, Como Lake has not a round shape making this an unique characteristic. Indeed, it has the longest perimeter among all Italian lakes.
   Tip 5 - Como Lake is the deepest lake among all Italian lakes.
   Tip 6 - People that call the eastern side of the lake "Lecco lake" are wrong. There's not a "Lecco lake", its name is Como Lake even on the Lecco shore.
   Tip 7 - If you're planning to visit Como Lake, you'd need to understand how to get there.
- By plane. The closest airports are Milan Malpensa and Milan Bergamo Orio al Serio, and both are around 30/40mins far from the lake.
- By Car. You can arrive from Swiss, driving through an alpin pass or passing through Lugano or Chiasso. If you're coming from southern Italy, you should arrive to Milan and then take the road towards Valtellina (Sondrio) to come to Lecco, or towards Como to come to this main town.
- By train. If you're departing from Milan, you could take both a train to Lecco (or Sondrio/Tirano if your destination is northern) and Como. If you're arriving from Switzerland, you could either stop in Como or go directly to Milan (or Monza) and then change your line towards Lecco (or Sondrio/Tirano).
   Tip 8 - Be careful, because the only train line that covers the whole lake north to south is on the east side (Colico-Lecco). There's no train lines on the west side, so trains on this side will stop in Como.
   Tip 9 - There's a quite strong ferry service on the Lake of Como. Have a look here to get more info about tickets and timetables.
   Tip 10 - Isola Comacina is a natural little island in the middle of Lake of Como, a real open-air museum. You can get there by taking a taxi-boat from Ossuccio (7€), or ferry. To visit the island, you'll have to pay an entrance ticket which costs 6€ for adults, kids aged <5 can enter for free. You can get your tickets directly on the island. Find more info here. Isola Comacina is usually open March to November, as it's not accessible in winter.
   Tip 11 - Many VIPs continue to choose Lake of Como for their holidays, thus they've bought a villa there. The most famous one is George CLooney with his Villa Olmo in Laglio. VIPs' residences are mostly located on the western side of the lake, where the most ancient villas have been built over time.
   Tip 12 - When you hear about Tremezzina, people are referring to that area on the west side of the Lake that goes from Campo (Lenno) to Cadenabbia (Griante).


   Tip 1 - Miascia is a traditional pie of Como Lake. It's a leftover recipe that allows not to waste stale bread by adding other simple ingredients. You can find the recipe here.